Giving Students Real-World Wings

At AAHS, we’re creating the aviation and aerospace leaders of tomorrow. Through our rigorous, immersive and industry-aligned instruction, we’re giving our students the skills, curiosity and inspiration to pursue real-life careers that will challenge and reward them professionally and personally.

Our Mission

We prepare our diverse student body for leadership positions in the aerospace and aviation industries through a rigorous, authentic and industry-aligned aerospace and defense education.

Our Vision

We strive to create clearly-defined pathways for our diverse student body to enter aviation and aerospace careers and also to become a widely respected source of leaders for the industry.

Our Beliefs

We believe racially, socioeconomically and gender-diverse schools provide the best possible environments for students to learn, grow and thrive.

We believe there is a direct link between diversity and equity, and organizations with strong commitments to diversity create systems and structures that support equity.

We believe our students will be best prepared to succeed in the global aviation and aerospace industry if they are skilled in the art of weighing perspectives, communicating effectively and exploring globally.

Our Goals

Academic Goals

  • 100% student admission to four-year or two-year college or military enlistment
  • 100% of students complete a four-year aviation or aerospace STEM pathway leading to either a credential or college credit

Social Emotional Goals

  • Measurable growth on social-emotional learning competencies via student surveys
  • 95% average daily membership annually
  • 100% of identified high-needs students matched with a mentor from enrollment to graduation

Life Success Goals

  • 95% of students hired in aerospace or aviation-related field
  • 50% of graduating classes become licensed minority pilots

Culture and Climate

  • Measurably high approval ratings on student, staff and parent culture and climate surveys
  • 80% participation in school engagement opportunities (sports, clubs, student-led organizations)

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