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aviation high school bessemerBessemer, Alabama, is a dynamic city known for its friendly atmosphere and historical significance, offering an ideal environment for students embarking on a journey in aerospace and aviation. Bessemer's blend of suburban tranquility and urban vibrancy creates a perfect setting for educational and personal growth.

The city's economic landscape is marked by a thriving industrial sector, complemented by a burgeoning technology and innovation scene. These elements together create a fertile ground for opportunities in the aerospace and aviation industries. 

As the home of Alabama Aerospace And Aviation High School, Bessemer provides students not only with top-tier educational resources but also exposes them to a city that is rapidly becoming a hub for aerospace innovation.

What Makes Bessemer, AL, A Great Place To Live

Living in Bessemer means being part of a community that values education, innovation, and history. The city's parks, museums, and cultural centers offer a wealth of activities and learning opportunities outside the classroom. Students can explore the Southern Museum of Flight, engage in community events, and enjoy the natural beauty of Alabama’s landscapes.

Aviation Programs For High Schoolers In Bessemer, Alabama

At AAHS, we’re offering a whole new kind of educational opportunity to students: the chance to get an outstanding high school education combined with industry-aligned, career-focused training and experience. In addition to hands-on, experiential instruction, we will provide clearly defined pathways for our diverse student body to enter aviation and aerospace careers.

Innovative Curriculum For High Schoolers

  • Comprehensive Aviation Studies: Students delve into an extensive curriculum encompassing all facets of aviation and aerospace, including aerodynamics, aircraft mechanics, flight operations, and aviation safety.
  • Hands-On Learning Experiences: Emphasizing practical skills, our program offers students opportunities to engage with aircraft simulators, participate in aircraft construction, and undertake various hands-on projects.
  • Advanced STEM Education: Our STEM-focused approach equips students with a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, vital for success in the aerospace sector.

Some Of The Advantages Of Choosing Alabama Aerospace And Aviation High School

Our campus is equipped with advanced facilities, allowing students to immerse themselves in their aviation studies. Some of our goals include:

  • 100% student admission to a four-year or two-year college or military enlistment
  • 100% of students complete a four-year aviation or aerospace STEM pathway leading to either a credential or college credit
  • Measurable growth in social-emotional learning competencies via student surveys
  • 95% average daily membership annually
  • 100% of identified high-needs students matched with a mentor from enrollment to graduation

Industry-Connected Faculty: Learning From The Experts

Our faculty, composed of experienced aerospace and aviation professionals, offer students invaluable real-world insights and perspectives.

Career And College Readiness: Preparing For Future Success

  • Internship Opportunities: Partnerships with leading aerospace companies provide students with valuable internships, offering a head start in their careers.
  • College Credit Courses: Students have the opportunity to earn college credits, paving the way for further education in aerospace or aviation.
  • Career Guidance: Our career counselors assist students in exploring various aerospace and aviation career paths.

Join The Alabama Aerospace And Aviation High School Family

Enrolling at our school is a step toward a future filled with opportunities in the aviation and aerospace industries. We encourage you to explore our program and see how we can help you realize your aviation aspirations.

Contact Us And Schedule A Visit

Don't let your aspirations remain grounded. Join the ranks of ambitious students who have chosen Alabama Aerospace And Aviation High School as their launchpad to success. This is your opportunity to be part of a community that champions innovation, nurtures talent, and shapes the aerospace leaders of tomorrow. 

Whether your interest lies in piloting, engineering, or the many other facets of the aerospace industry, your journey begins here in Bessemer, Alabama. Contact us today to learn more about our programs, schedule a visit, or start your application process. 

Embrace this chance to transform your passion into a profession. Reach for the skies with Alabama Aerospace And Aviation High School – where your potential knows no bounds.