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Our Model Is Different. Watch this Short Video:

students.jpgOur model is different. We don’t teach kids how to take tests, we teach them how to solve problems. We don’t ask them to memorize, we ask them to investigate. We don’t require them to learn, we require them to think.

We also inspire them — through a diverse, respectful and inclusive environment — to embrace different perspectives, cultures and approaches to problem solving. We also encourage them to be intellectually curious, inquisitive and adventurous.

The universe is out there waiting for our kids to explore. We give them the skills to do it, the curiosity to want to and the confidence to believe they can. 


AAHS offers a very unique educational opportunity for students, which is why it’s important to find students who are the right fit for our school.

  • AAHS offers a rigorous, private-school caliber education.
  • Students should be interested in being challenged and be willing to work hard.
  • We are recruiting students of all skill levels and will provide personalized education plans for each student.
  • We want to create an intentionally diverse student body.
  • Our teaching staff and administration will know each student and actively work to support their success.
  • Students will have the opportunity to earn college credit and will also be focused on a personal career path.


We have an industry-focused approach to instruction. Our students learn in rigorous classrooms that are engaging and technologically advanced. AAHS students also develop complex technical skills through real-world learning opportunities facilitated by industry professionals in the workplace. We prepare students to be successful in college, the military and the larger aerospace, defense and aviation industry.


We create career pathways into the aerospace and aviation industry. We have developed bridge-building partnerships across higher education and the aviation and aerospace industry that will create unique opportunities for students to gain real-world experience and industry-recognized credentials before they graduate high school.


We are diverse. We recognize the value of different perspectives, viewpoints, backgrounds and approaches to solving problems.